Online Anxiety Support Course

A photo of young me! I was about 12 years old here and behind that smile I was struggling. It started in dance class one day when I suddenly felt dizzy and sick and like I was staring down a tunnel. I then started to fear going to dance, something I had previously loved! Then the same happened during a school assembly, then at swimming. My world was growing smaller and smaller as I avoided these activities for fear of fainting or collapsing or something else terrible I was sure would happen! I now know that what I was experiencing were panic attacks. And the things I was doing to try and stop these horrible feelings and sensations in my body, was just making them worse and worse. I was miserable and had no idea that what was happening was something that could be changed with some understanding, support and tools and strategies under my belt.

Does this sound like you? Or your child? If so, I can help. I’m in the process of putting together a 6 week online program to help you to overcome your panic attacks. This will include videos, worksheets and step by step guidance and support.

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