Support for Parents

Supporting you to support your teens

Hello and welcome! I am so pleased that you are thinking about support for yourself.

The teen years can be a challenge to navigate!
I would love to support you to explore the difficulties you are experiencing with your teen.

Please check out the information and resources on my social media channels (links are on the home page).

If you would like to work with me we would start with an initial consultation. This is a 50 minute session where we meet face to face or online. We will explore in detail the difficulties you are experiencing, the background history and contextual factors. At the end of the session I will usually be able to give you a psychological understanding (formulation) around the problems you’re having, and an outline of the work we can do to work towards overcoming these. 

You are of course under no obligation to proceed with any further sessions with me after the initial consultation. However, should we agree that this would be helpful and is what you want, then we can meet weekly or fortnightly at an agreed time.

Why we work with parents

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