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Psychological Assessment

This is a 50 minute appointment where we will talk together about the difficulties you are having and develop a plan for psychological intervention. With younger children it is often helpful to initially meet with parents only so that we can talk freely and gain a thorough understanding of the problem, its history the impact on your lives. For older children and young people we would ordinarily spend part of this session with the young person and part of the session with parents. By the end of the session we will feedback our psychological formulation and would aim to have some clear goals for working together.

We will offer some initial thoughts around any self-help techniques which may be helpful to you. An estimation of the number of psychological therapy sessions we feel would be helpful will also be provided. You are of course under no obligation to proceed to starting any psychological therapy.

With your consent, we would usually write to your GP providing a brief summary of the session and the plan for any psychological therapy. However, we will discuss this at the end of the session and will not inform your GP should you prefer us not to. If you have been referred to us by Social Care or a private fostering or adoption agency, we would usually be required to provide a report following our assessment.

For Adoption Support Fund (ASF) assessments , we are likely to need to meet with parents and the child/ young person and also liaise with wider systems such as school. These assessments will therefore require a number of sessions. Following the assessment we will provide a report detailing assessment information, a psychological formulation and recommendations for psychological intervention. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

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