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  • Specialists in working with trauma and anxiety related difficulties in parents and children
  • Providing psychological assessments and psychological therapy
  • In person and online support available

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Is your child facing challenges that leave you feeling helpless?

Are you tired of constant struggles to get them to school? Or do they spend most of their time isolated in their room, causing you to worry about their emotional health? Perhaps their behaviour is troubling you or they are showing signs of anxiety or low mood? Is your relationship with your child strained and you’re unsure how to get things back on a positive track?


Are you feeling burnt out and anxious as a parent?

Are you finding being a parent is way more difficult than you ever imagined? Are those day to day challenges with your child triggering your own trauma memories? Perhaps you’re losing your cool and becoming that shouty parent you promised yourself you would never be?


Contact us for appointments and enquiries

Face to Face and Online Support From Huntbridge Hall – Matlock Green.

Dr Melita Ash is a Clinical Psychologist with a doctoral level qualification, registered with the HCPC and Chartered with the BPS. With years of experience in NHS, charity, and independent settings, she has helped many parents and families in situations similar to yours. Using evidence-based models and approaches, she aims to truly understand your unique circumstances and provide personalised psychological support to help you move past these challenges.

Compassion, integrity, and building a strong connection with you are the core values that guide her practice. Reach out today to schedule an initial discussion and discover how she can support you and your family.


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