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Welcome to Percuro Psychology

Founded by Dr Melita Housley BSC, DClinPsy, CPsychol,  Registered with the HCPC and chartered with the BPS. Supporting the mental health of parents and their teenage children through parent support, psychological therapy and online courses.

Are you a parent struggling with your teen and not knowing where to turn?

Do you feel exhausted and helpless, like you are in a ‘Groundhog Day’ of worry and stress?

Do you feel positive change is possible, but it's just not happening?

You might feel confused and frustrated that you achieve highly in other areas of your life, but when it comes to your teen you feel ineffective and powerless? You may feel that although you love your teen, you don’t like them right now. Perhaps you feel ashamed, anxious and

You are not alone! I hear you!

Parenting through the teen years is a hugely difficult time. we would love to support you to navigate out of the Groundhog Day, to feel good about yourself as a parent and to enjoy your relationship with them again.

You may be thinking “ it’s my teen that needs fixing! ”

Well your relationship with your teen is usually the most effective vehicle for change.

If you have the understanding, the tools, strategies, and support, you will feel confident and empowered in managing whatever comes up  in your parenting journey.

You are a person as well as a parent. You deserve to feel good too and we can work with you to make that happen, though we do also offer psychological therapy for your teens, if this is appropriate.

Percuro Psychology work with adults, children, young people and their families, caregivers and wider systems. Our mission is to help you to achieve a happy and fulfilled life through providing high quality psychological interventions that are evidence based and tailored to your unique needs and difficulties.

I can work with you face to face at my office in Matlock, Derbyshire, or we can
meet online

We highly value the relationship with your teen and this is usually the most effective vehicle for positive change. However we do also offer individual therapy for your child if this feels appropriate.

Models of therapy include

At Percuro Psychology we are committed to creating help and resources that can be easily accessed both online and face to face.

We are currently developing online courses for adults with anxiety and for parents struggling with their teens. We are also developing an online  community snug, so watch this space!

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