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Adoption Support Fund (ASF) assessments

Dr Housley has extensive experience of providing assessments through the ASF both independently and in the NHS. An ASF assessment usually comprises:

  • 6 hours face to face assessment with the child and their caregivers. This includes the use of formalised assessment tools, clinical interviews and play-based assessments.
  • 2 hours professional liaison. This would normally involve speaking with the child's educational provider and social worker as well as any other professionals involved in the child's care.
  • 2 hours reviewing reports. This would usually include any previous assessment reports as well as the child's chronology and permanence report and any other social care reports deemed appropriate to inform the assessment.
  • 4-6 hours report writing. You will receive a thorough assessment report detailing the assessment tools used, outcomes, a psychological formulation and therapeutic recommendations.

The above may vary depending on the child/ young person's individual situation and needs so please contact us for a detailed quote.

Please contact us on: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 07853 246044 to enquire about any of our services.



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